CLTD - Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Professional Course Offerings

Our instructor-led course offers 42 hours of classroom time, enhanced CLTD courseware, 25 extra exercises and up to 1,000 additional CLTD in-class practice questions to help you better understand the material. Our course focuses on key concepts, definitions, relationships and various CLTD calculations, and it provides numerous examples on how companies apply these replika jam tangan concepts. Finally, we provide a free copy of the APICS CLTD Instructor Visual booklet. We also offer extra assistance to help you prepare to take the exam, and we permit our students to retake the course at no charge for any reason.

Our Saturday course is held at the Holiday Inn Express, Route 17, Paramus, New Jersey.
Classes begin at 8:00am and end at 3:30pm.

Contact VP of Education if interested in attending a CLTD Course


Please contact Howard Forman at PIM or call 973.760.6736, or contact the Chapter's VP of Education if you have any questions regarding earning your APICS CSCP, CLTD or CPIM certification, to learn more about when and where the courses will be held, or to schedule an in-house CSCP, CLTD or CPIM course.

To register or learn more about attending public or in-house courses,
please contact the VP of Education